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How older adults can gamble responsibility

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Canada, like other Western countries, is experiencing the effects of an older population as a result of the baby boom that happened between 1946 and 1965. Over 27% of the population is classified as Baby Boomers. There are over 10,000 Canadians that are aged over 100. With this fact, it’s clear that we cannot afford to ignore the interest of seniors. The Canadian Association of Gerontology has been at the forefront of research on issues affecting seniors and how seniors can navigate around them. The organization studies the physical, mental, social, and societal implications of aging.

Prevalence of problem gambling in seniors

While research in the field of Gerontology is diverse, one of the areas of research is on seniors and gambling. According to a study conducted in Ontario, 73% of older adults in Ontario have gambled in the past two years. Many seniors can enjoy gambling without an issue. However, there is a small minority of older adults who suffer from problem gambling. One study found out that the prevalence rate of problem gambling in older adults ranges from 0.2% to 12.9%.

Solutions to problem gambling

There are several measures that seniors can use to take control of their gambling. These are:

Set a gambling budget

Smart gamblers understand that gambling is a form of entertainment. While winning is a good perk, they should consider what they can afford to spend in a casino and set a maximum weekly or monthly budget.

Similarly, seniors can avoid problem gambling by having a wagering budget and sticking to it. Once they have used the budgeted amount, they can then suspend their wagering until the next day or week. Fresh casino allows players to bet for as little as $.01 and can, therefore, be a good place to bet responsibly for seniors.

The online casino has a wide range of payment methods that players can use to fund their accounts. This can help seniors take control of their wagering budget as they can fund their accounts with their gambling budget.

Choose the right games

Seniors should choose a slot that will enable them to wager while sticking to their budget. If they have a small gambling budget, they should avoid the high-roller American Roulette table where they risk losing their money in one shot. Instead, they should play slot games, card tables, and table games that allow them to wager small amounts so that they get to play more before they hit their budget. Fresh Casino has a wide variety of games that are suited for different players and different budgets.

Play in online casinos

A common reason why seniors end up with problem gambling is that they play in a brick-and-mortar casino. Such casinos are designed to make them bet for long hours. For instance, land-based casinos have no windows and clocks so that customers can lose track of time and get fully lost in play. By playing online casinos such as Fresh Casino, seniors can decide when to play and when to stop from the comfort of their homes. This provides them with some form of control over their gambling.

Choose online casinos that support responsible gambling

Fresh Casino supports responsible gambling. It offers players an opportunity to email support and request for the suspension and closure of their accounts if they feel they are losing control of their gambling. Such a move can be helpful for seniors suffering from gambling addiction. It helps them take control of their gambling and wager responsibly.

In Conclusion

The Canadian Association of Gerontology has played a key role in researching and recommending solutions to problems affecting seniors. It has handled issues such as problem gambling. While gambling in an online casino can be fun, seniors need to gamble responsibly so that their actions don’t impact their financial and social life.

Researchers in the area of problem gambling in seniors have recommended the above methods as a way of dealing with addiction. One casino that supports responsible gambling in all players including seniors is Fresh Casino. The casino is licensed and regulated by eCogra, making it safe and secure for online gambling. Therefore, this can be a good place for players to gamble responsibly.

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