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The CIHR Institute of Aging is again pleased to sponsor a student poster competition at CAG2014. A $500 prize will be awarded by the Institute of Aging in each of the following categories: Master’s, Doctoral and Post Doctoral Fellow. Undergraduate students are not eligible.

This competition is a value-added feature of the prominent focus on student posters at our conference.  All student posters are welcomed as a vital contribution to the scientific program and all accepted submissions are highlighted throughout the program in featured student poster sessions.

Please note!Poster submissions by Master’s, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Fellows are short-listed for the Institute on Aging’s poster competition through the peer review process. All poster abstracts submitted by graduate students and post doctoral fellows by the submission deadline (April 30, 2014) are considered, and the top-ranking subset in each category are automatically included as candidates in the Institute of Aging’s prestigious student poster competition. In the event that your abstract is not accepted for the competition, it will be considered for a general student poster session.
The CIHR Institute of Aging encourages posters on research projects on aging in any of CIHR’s four themes or even across themes. The CIHR Themes are:

  • Biomedical
  • Applied clinical science
  • Health services and systems research
  • Social, cultural, environmental and population health

Graduate Students should present research projects based on work undertaken at the graduate level and not at the undergraduate level.

It is important to note that the poster stand on its own merit and not require additional verbal explanation. Posters will be judged with students in attendance (mandatory) by three judges at appointed times during CAG2014.  Judges will base their assessment on the following criteria (criteria 1 to 4 being equally weighted):

  • Quality of the Research (clarity of theoretical perspectives, method, sample, findings, discussion, limitations)
  • Merit of the Research (validity of conclusions, relevancy to field of aging, potential for application)
  • Quality of Abstract and Content (coherence, logical flow, grammar, spelling, concise abstract)
  • Demonstrated Understanding of the Student (recognition of limits of the study, familiar with research context)
  • Special Merit marks will be awarded for innovative, novel research projects.
The winners will be announced during lunch on Saturday, October 18, 2014 and all candidates are expected to attend. Awards will be presented by the Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute of Aging at which time photographs will be taken.

To be considered for the competition, you must submit an abstract to the general CAG2014 Call for Abstracts, noting the presentation format for posters, by April 30, 2014.  Late submissions will not be considered.  For further instructions, please refer to the official CAG2014 Call for Abstracts.

If you have any questions about submitting a poster to the competition please contact us.
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